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Cremation Services By The Sea is a top rated cremation service provider that offers direct cremation services for a fraction of the cost of a local funeral home. 

Our cremation costs are not only more affordable than other cremation providers in Jupiter and Palm Beach County, they are more reliable. 

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Want to save on cremation services and cremation prices in Jupiter, Florida? If a loved one is on hospice care at home or at a facility, in a hospital unit or room, or at a nursing home, simply give them our name and number to contact us at the time of need. 

We are available 24 hours a day for immediate transportation of your loved one. Learn more, contact us today. 

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Our online cremation service arrangements only take a few minutes to complete. The online forms can be accessed from any computer, smart phone or device connected to the internet. This ensures the best cremation prices in Jupiter, FL.

During the online arrangements you will be able to: Select a package that fits your needs, give legal authorizations, choose how many death certificates you may need, select an urn and make your final payment all in one sitting. 

Return of Your Loved One

Cremation Services in Delray Beach, FLorida

At the conclusion of our cremation services families we will have filed the death certificate, notified Social Security, finalized any merchandise orders and prepare an appointment schedule to finalize either: The return of your loved one in the urn of choice or ship the cremated remains if directed. 

If any other services or options have been selected, we will continue as directed as we move forward.